Hope is an incredibly dangerous word, especially in times of utter turmoil.

Coincidentally, utter turmoil is exactly what Nottingham Forest find themselves in following owner Fawaz Al-Hasawi’s incredibly selfish move of putting himself first before the club – yet again – by pulling the plug on a takeover bid from American John Jay Moores.

That move has almost certainly sent the club into League One barring several minor miracles, and as a result, fan disillusion has now turned to widespread anger.

However, while I may have claimed in the direct aftermath of Fawaz’s ego trip that the club I’ve loved and supported for 18 years had died, hindsight indicates I may have said that in haste.

Ultimately – for now at least – Forest are still alive and kicking, albeit only just and are trying to kick with two broken legs, shattered kneecaps and snapped feet.

Last Saturday’s 1-0 win over Bristol City proved to me that there are some things to cling onto, and while most of them could be snatched away at any minute by Mr Al-Hasawi, here are five reasons why there is still hope emitting from The City Ground.

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