Date: 11th May 2018 at 6:00am
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Following the gorgeous Furon 3.0 Hi-Lite Pro SG boots, New Balance Football have done it again following the release of their new Audazo Colourways.

Despite being mastered for the small-sided football games and tricky futsal players who ‘Run the Game’, Shoot! Editor Dan Church took his latest review pair for a spin after getting his hands on the Black with Burgundy and Silver edition.

Though I am more of a long-distance runner, the opportunity to test track these turf trainers from New Balance Football was something I couldn’t wait to get my teeth into… Then, injury struck! Typical.

Fast-forward a few weeks…

Nowadays, your global superstars and football idols will splash the cash and personalise the most flashiest and ludicrous boots you could possibly imagine – although great design comes with great responsibility – as if you don this brave look, you really need to justify standing out from the crowd with some Lionel Messi-like performances to look the ‘bee’s knees’ out there.

Playing more five-a-side football than 11-a-side, it was easy for me to lace up the new Audazo a few times to properly test run and review New Balance Football’s latest colourway, which pleasantly took me by surprise.

On initial assessment, the trainer looked rather basic and bulky to me, sorry! A dull reminder of why I do not own any turf trainers or purposely built five-a-side football shoes, to date.

The Audazo’s White, Red and Black Colourway.

However, after greater inspection and playing time, the Audazo gradually grew on me and have become regularly worn during my fierce five-a-side league campaign.

Designed to dominate the turf and court without fear, I cannot remember a single time I have slipped on the AstroTurf, with the Audazo’s grip and traction giving me the freedom of the pitch via its detailed plastic moulds.

One warning I would give anyone else looking to get their hands on a pair of their own Audazos, is to purchase or order the next size up than you would usually buy, as it is certainly a tight fit, and a rather narrow one at that.

That doesn’t mean it is an uncomfortable fit, as the fresh foam insock provides ultra-cushioning, control and support, without a tight squeeze or any restrictiveness, to ensure you keep up with the fast pace of the five-a-side game.

In terms of the initial bulkiness I doubted, that pretty much dissolved as soon as I picked up the pair of Audazos, as they are surprising light, deceiving the eye. Plus, once you lace up the trainers, the ‘bulky’ style you once perceived transforms into a sleek, slender and narrow design, as mentioned before.

With the pace of small-sided games, it is key for players to possess close control and quick manoeuvrability, which is aided by the Audazos ProBank Midsole, providing additional support and protection on the foot for lateral movement.

The heel is softly cushioned to ensure there is no soreness or rubbing at the back of the foot, whilst the small-sided shoe upper has a transparent TPU overlay with no sew panels for a clean strike of the ball.

Add in the breathable mono mesh woven into the design, and it is clear to see New Balance have been working hard on their new Audazo colourways… which paid off!

Red is also my favourite colour, which probably helped, but the basic black colourway also grew on me quickly, resembling a classic boot style, which you don’t often see in the modern game. Keep it classy.

The New Balance logo ‘N’s’ looks sharp and bold on either side of the foot, with a graffiti-style mention of the ‘Audazo’ on the shoe’s tongue.

With other turf trainers, I always fear whether the sole is too thin and you will feel as if you are running on the turf or court barefoot. Not with the Audazos. The final feature I liked was the healthy heel, a solid base of the ankle which suited my flat-footed running style.

Overall, New Balance’s latest Audazos are a solid, stable and premium buy that you will not regret.

Not only will you experience brilliant durability with the pair, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised with its attentive specifications to enable greater speed, control, movement and comfort when trying to dominate the small-sided ‘Beautiful Game’.

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Written by Dan Church


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