Date: 19th December 2017 at 5:00pm
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Christmas is almost upon us! But don’t fear if you haven’t completed your Christmas shopping just yet, as we might have stumbled upon something special at the last minute.

Back in August 2017, New Balance Football released their latest Furon 3.0 Blackout Pro FG boots, which could prove a perfect festive gift for that special football fanatic in your life… or for yourself!

In the run up to the festive period, Shoot!‘s Dan Church was sent a pair of the stunning Blackout boots to review New Balance’s summer release and see how they fared in a winter wonderland.

First things first, they look the real deal.

The simplicity of the Blackout boots portrays pure beauty. Possessing a rather classic look, perhaps a throwback to a previous generation of football boots, the latest Furon is designed to stand out and sparkle, despite being a black and white product.

New Balance’s decision to re-design the Furon only reflects the boot’s popularity and demand, alongside their similarly impressive Visaro range, with the company fast becoming a leading, if not the best, designer boot maker for fans and professional players in the game.

The striking ‘N’ logo on either side of the boot gives the Blackout a standout, flashy image, as well as increased on-pitch visibility, whilst the flawless firm ground stud model produced solid stability and surprisingly great traction when tested on a few sets of the dreaded bleep test on a torn up field.

Despite being a defender myself, in my spare time, the Furon is constructed specifically for those star strikers out there who fancy themselves in front of goal. Something I soon realised when taking to the field in a recent 5-a-side football match.

The lightweight Blackout boots felt weightless in front of goal, as I struck the ball incredibly cleanly and effortlessly, perhaps then I ever had before. I’m not one for being prolific in front of goal, nor was I convinced just a new pair of boots could immediately, or significantly, improve your form in front of goal. But, I was wrong.

After all, I was nicknamed ‘Dan the Deadly Finisher’ come the end of the match!

The Furon’s incredible lightweight engineered hybrid mesh with zonal support frame allows a cleaner strike of the ball, but also enables greater acceleration and speed from the word ‘Go!’.

In the aim of running around the pitch quicker, faster and stronger, it is vital the boots feel comfortable and pleasant, which the Blackouts excelled at, with the Furon’s effortlessly moulding around my feet, feeling firmly tight but cosy as I sprinted around the pitch.

The data designed REVlite foam inserts provide that excellent traction and cushioning inside, whilst the Fantom Fit selective melt process creates greater durability, structure and support on the outside to finish off a brilliant buy.

It is the FantomFit fused support system that wraps around the foot so smoothly, making it feel as if you are slipping on a pair of regular trainers, rather than studded or heavy football boots. Any change of pace or direction of play is prevented of any sort of discomfort or irritation.

If you like the look of these classic and simple, yet dazzling, Furon Blackout boots, then check out for more details upon a last-minute buy! You won’t regret it.


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