Date: 30th July 2015 at 7:07pm
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Recent weeks have seen Watford emphatically catapult back into the media limelight and, shock, horror for reasons which do not bode our club in a positive light. The recent acclamation is that we have a total disregard for British players.

Now let’s look at this head on, let’s remember what football truly is about. Whether you like it or not, I am speaking the painstaking truth.

Football is a game we love and is adored by fans worldwide, however that’s just the start isn’t it.

Watford, after what seems like an eternity, have rejoined the Promised Land I spoke about the majority of last season. For the owners and investors it is 100% a story of trying to consolidate this role, as relegation would cost the club millions. Keeping fans happy with top British players is not even on the agenda for Watford FC. Why? Because they cost too much. Simple. Like anything in life we have a budget and Watford are more than aware of theirs.

4th May 2013 - nPower Championship - Watford v Leeds United - Watford owner Giampaolo Pozzo - Photo: Marc Atkins / Offside.

As a direct result our transfer business has been shrewd and has relied on 10 new players hopping the border and landing in Hertfordshire.

Football is a business and Watford have been wonderfully astute in their signings. Signings the Pozzo family believe will consolidate our place in the top league. We can now field two full sides which have a lot of quality, and we all know depth ensures consistency.

My problem with some close minded fans is that they do not see the bigger picture. The picture is of a business. What a wonderful business model it is. You own a small contingency of clubs, you buy cheap, you develop and sell on for profit and you send players from club to club to support each other’s needs. Sounds like a well orchestrated department store.

Of course I would like to see a few more British players as they would stand a chance of representing their country. However, one British player, as we saw with Tyrone Mings’ signing to Bournemouth, cost £8 million. That’s virtually the entire combined total of Watford’s new recruits.

I am sick and tired of our policies being slated. If it’s all a media test to create a stir then well done, you have dragged me in by the neck. If there is substance in your thoughts then you seriously need to wise up.

Football is a business. As a Watford fan you’re exceedingly fortunate to be part of a beautiful small business which has expanded and made new opportunities.

The signings are exciting. Jurado and Burghuis are particularly eye catching players, the sort that leave defenders on their backside and ooze final third quality. Jurado especially appears to be a Mata sort of player.

I admire the boldness of the policy early on. They have worked overtime to bring in 10 players and fans need to appreciate the long winded processes clubs need to go through to make players their own. The high turnaround reminds me much of my craziness on many a football manager file! Naturally I can appreciate the Pozzo family. The numbers brought in alone makes it exciting, far more so than Bournemouth buying an overpriced defender and two goalkeepers!

Who says I am biased…


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