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The year 2015 looks set to be yet another big one for Young Guns.

Following the success of ‘All Our Kings Are Dead’ (2010) and ‘Bones’ (2012), the rockers are to release their third studio album ‘Ones and Zeros’ on June 8th.

The five-piece gave fans another taste of their new album with the release of single ‘Daylight’ in April and have also toured the UK as part of the Kerrang! Tour.


Away from the stage and the studio, lead vocalist Gustav Wood has also enjoyed success when it comes to his football club, Chelsea.

The Blues were crowned Premier League champions for a fourth time with three games to spare, following a 1-0 win over Crystal Palace earlier this month, adding to the League Cup victory over Tottenham in February.

Gus took time out from the band’s current tour of the US to talk about his love for the newly crowned champions and who he’d like to see arrive at Stamford Bridge over the summer.

When did you first start following Chelsea?

“When I was at school, around the age of 14. There was something about the club that I absolutely fell in love with. My cousin, who was also a Chelsea fan too, went to a game with me and, although we lost, there was something about seeing the players in the flesh that I loved. Suddenly I realised how much I loved football and I’ve been paying attention to it ever since.”

Do you go to a lot of matches?

“I don’t’ get to too much these days unfortunately as we are too busy working and touring. The last game I went to though was the League Cup final, when we beat Spurs, so that was pretty amazing. Funnily enough, I actually see more of Chelsea when we’re abroad than I do in the UK. The Premier League is everywhere in America and Australia. It’s really bizarre.”

It’s been an amazing season. What’s it been like from a fan’s point of view?

“It’s been brilliant every step of the way. There’s no denying that there’s been a drop in the performance levels towards the end of the season but we were just doing what we needed to do and that’s football. Some of the football we played at the start of the season was thrilling. I’ve loved it from day one. We’ve won it for the first time in five years and we’ve done it by being miles better than everyone else.”

And what about the ‘boring Chelsea’ jibes?

“I know Jose Mourinho has the ability to rub people up the wrong way, and I know Arsenal have the reputation of playing glorious football, but we haven’t won a lot of games 1-0 throughout the season. I also think there’s a real enjoyment to be had from the strong defensive performances we’ve put in. I find that side of the game just as engaging and enjoyable as beautiful, free-flowing football. I think Arsenal fans are just a bit jealous.”

How good is Eden Hazard?

“There’s something about the way in which he moves that is just unbelievable. The way he changes direction and accelerates from a standing start is mad. I know everyone’s waxed lyrical about him but there is a reason for that. He is so exciting to watch and I absolutely love him. If anyone else had got Player of the Year it would’ve been an outrage.”

13 December 2014 - Barclays Premier League - Chelsea v Hull City - Eden Hazard of Chelsea - Photo: Marc Atkins / Offside.

You must absolute love Jose Mourinho?

“I do indeed. I was actually a bit worried when he came back because I was concerned he would struggle to match up to what he did last time and I didn’t want his reputation at the club to be tainted. But I have been proved wrong and he has reminded everyone why he is the ‘Special One’.”

If you were Jose, who would you sign in the summer?

“A big talking point is the youth team. The academy has a great track record and they have just won the FA Youth Cup for the second year in a row. So instead of buying someone I’d like to see some of them, like Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Jeremie Boga, be given a chance.”

What if you were given the chance to sign one player though…?

“I suppose if I could have any player then I’d like us to sign Paul Pogba.”

24 February 2015 - Uefa Champions League - Juventus v Borussia Dortmund - Paul Pogba of Juventus.

What was your best moment as a fan?

“Watching the 2012 Champions League final. The entire thing was so unlikely and we did it against all odds. I watched it at 5am in Australia and the whole game was as if it was scripted, with Drogba scoring the equaliser and the winning penalty in what was then his last game. I just love these type of stories in football.”

And your lowest moment?

“Jose Mourinho being given the boot and the subsequent managerial appointments.”

Who’s your all-time favourite Chelsea player?

“John Terry and Didier Drogba are my favourites. But if I was pushed to pick one though I would have to go with Drogba. He always seemed to score in all the big games and was so essential for us throughout our success.”


“Ones and Zeros” will be released on June 8th, via Virgin EMI, Click here to pre-order.

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