Date: 24th September 2015 at 9:41am
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The highly anticipated annual release of the latest FIFA video game sparks millions of football fans across the world into elation – but also affection for those talented artists who make it onto the title’s esteemed soundtrack.

In the countless hours consumed playing the title’s entertaining game modes, every gamer will gradually begin to recall all the lyrics and sing along to every track as EA Sports never fail to surprise us with their freshest collection of upcoming and gifted musicians.

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One of those artists set to star in this year’s FIFA 16 release is 25-year-old multi-faceted rapper, singer, songwriter and producer, Tiggs Da Author.

His track ‘Run’ is one of 42 tracks from 15 different countries featured in the game’s soundtrack; alongside fellow superstars such as Of Monsters And Men, Icona Pop, Bastille, Disclosure and Sam Smith.

We caught up exclusively with the Tanzania-born artist at EA Sports’ FIFA 16 UK launch event at Fulham Broadway’s Gfinity Arena to talk about his songs inclusion on the soundtrack, virtual gaming habits and his real life footballing ability.

How proud are you to be included in FIFA 16’s soundtrack?

“It is sick. It is just going to make me play the game even more! There is nothing better than beating people to your own song. I didn’t expect to feature on the soundtrack, no way. I always grew up playing it, so it is a bit weird being on it. But it is sick at the same time.”

What was your reaction when you were told you were to feature on the game?

“I was just super excited because all of these people get to hear your music. It is like, “Friggin hell”, that is so sick!”

How did your single ‘Run’ get nominated for FIFA 16’s soundtrack?

“I don’t know! I just know that every year they are looking for songs and I thought maybe ‘Run’ could be a good song for it. So we just sent it in and said, “There you go, do you guys like it?” The label sent it in and they came back and said they liked it.”

Are you any good at playing FIFA?

“Yeah, I am pretty good at playing FIFA. I beat most of my friends. Obviously I get the one-off where I don’t play so well. But I would like to think that I am alright. I never play online; I always play in the studio. We have got a PlayStation 4 in there. So when we are having a break, we will just play FIFA.”

Can you remember the first time you played FIFA?

“My first time of playing FIFA was at my cousin’s house. I actually never used to have FIFA. It was like FIFA 98; that was my first one. It was my cousin’s game, so I used to go to his every weekend and just play it over there on a PlayStation One.”

What do you think got you into playing FIFA?

“Probably the music [Laughs]. I just like football. I used to play football, so I just like football in general. I am not a huge gamer; but every console game I get, the only game I get is football ones. I am a pretty decent footballer in real life, not too bad. I was playing at semi-pro level and then I kind of started doing music and then that started taking off. I’m a right winger.”

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What have you made of the new features and improvements installed in FIFA 16?

“Yeah, they look extremely good. I will know more about the gameplay once I have played it. But the graphics and everything seem sick, so I am looking forward to playing it.”

Can you believe how well EA Sports manage to improve the FIFA gaming generation each year?

“They always do it! They always do. It is crazy, it is mad. I want to see what it will be like in five year’s time!”

Why do you think FIFA’s gaming series has become such a global craze?

“It is because football is just so massive. FIFA is deeper than just a game. It is so crazy and FIFA kind of brings that to the people. It is just one of those things where it was always going to be massive, regardless. As long as people love football, it is going to keep growing.”


What makes FIFA stand out from its rival brand Pro Evolution Soccer?

“The gameplay and the graphics are a bit different. Plus PES does not have some licenses for somethings, which makes it a bit less realistic.”

What is your favourite game mode on FIFA?

“I would probably say career mode because if you have got a really dull weekend, you can just sort of play FIFA for the whole day without getting bored. I’m always Manchester United, always.”

If you could create one new feature on FIFA 16, what would it have been?

“I think I would have a game mode where there are no fouls, no offsides, no nothing. You just play! No rules.”

Who would you make as the highest rated player on FIFA 16?

“I would put [Cristiano] Ronaldo top, probably. I’m just a fan. Obviously he played for Manchester United, so I support him throughout his whole career now. I think he is better than [Lionel] Messi because he is more well-rounded; like set pieces, heading and his strength. Even though I think it is just a matter of opinion between them two.”

25/4/2009 FA Premier League Football. Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur. Cristiano Ronaldo. Photo: Simon Stacpoole / Offside.

Which professional player would you compare your footballing ability with?

“I would probably say Ashley Young – but without the diving!”

If you were a featured footballer on FIFA 16, what would be your highest attribute?

“Crossing. I’m like an assist maker.”

Tiggs Da Author this week released the official music video to his track ‘Georgia’.

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