Date:20th July 2015 at 10:32pm
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Footgolf. Heard of it? A year ago you’d have been forgiven for being completely oblivious of its potential for fun, entertainment and competition, given there were only around 30 courses in the country that were offering the game. Now however, with approaching 160 courses nationwide, and its title of ‘fastest growing sport in the UK’, Footgolf is attaining cult status fast.

Let’s start with the basics – what is it? Well take golf, then remove the clubs, the tiny ball, and the little hole, and replace them with your foot, a size 5 football, and a 21in diameter hole, and you’ve got it. The rules are practically identical, and it’s such a simple game, people the world over are kicking themselves that they hadn’t formalised it themselves much earlier.


Why are we telling you about this? Because Footgolf Stansted has arrived. Based at Elsenham Golf & Leisure Club, Footgolf Stansted are offering the sport on their academy course, 7 days a week. It was officially opened on July 19th, and they have had people playing there every single day since.

Who can play the sport? Toni Ann Wayne, who plays in goal for Tottenham Hotspur Ladies, and also plays for her local women’s cricket club, came along on opening day with some of her cricket playing friends, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Although the sport itself is currently being played by an overwhelming majority of men, there is no reason why women can’t be as active in it. Children too can enjoy the experience – in fact we would encourage as many as possible to play it now, because with the way the sport is going, it could be professional before you know it and we want the best players in the world to be from the UK!

In short, Footgolf is a wonderfully addictive, surprising game with scarcely any barriers to anyone.

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