Date:22nd March 2016 at 4:00pm
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Okay; let’s start by reminding ourselves that this is Leicester City we are talking about. A team that in the not too distance past spent a season plying its trade in the third-tier of English football. A club that went into receivership once, and very nearly did a second time.  

It’s hard to believe that the same team now sit five points clear at the top of the richest league in Europe, if not the world. Yet only 12 months ago; we were sat at the other end of the table, not knowing that the ‘Great Escape’ was just around the corner.

But here we are! And as each week goes past; we wait for the proverbial bubble to burst, but it has yet to happen. It seems that the longer we continue to buck the trend by being top, the bigger our army of followers is becoming.

19 March 2016 - Barclays Premier League - Crystal Palace v Leicester City - Leicester City players celebrate led by Marc Albrighton - Photo: Marc Atkins / Offside.

Leicester’s 1-0 win over Crystal Palace on Saturday preserved their five-point lead at the top of the Premier League table.

This does seem to cause resentment amongst the ‘Where were you when we were rubbish?’ brigade. ‘Plastic’ fans they cry. ‘You don’t go to any home games’ they ask. Then you can’t be a true fan they answer themselves.

Well get used to it! It comes with the territory. How do you think the other so called ‘top’ teams gained their worldwide fan base? Already growing in the Far East thanks to our Thai owners, the requests to join the ‘Leicester till I die group’ from people in places such as Thailand and Vietnam is growing.

Include the growing status of Algerian Riyad Mahrez as a world-class footballer and the interest in Leicester City from that particular country is growing with each week that passes.

Leicester City fan clubs and the associated Facebook groups are springing up as far away as America on one side of the world to Australia on the other.

I for one, welcome our new army of Foxes fans.

It also appears that we are fast becoming most fans favourite second club, a topic I have touched upon in past blogs. It would appear that if their own club can’t win the league, then Leicester is the club they want to win instead.

But how true is this actually? Well I decided to do my own ‘8 Out of 10 Cats’ snap poll. With the league now looking like a two horse race between Leicester City and Tottenham, the question was broken down into two simple parts.

Having moved round the country from Leicester to Lancashire, then to Dorset, I have a lot of friends on Facebook who support other clubs. Working in Bournemouth as I currently do, a lot of people have moved to the resort and in doing so have brought with them their support from their home town team which they have passed down through the generations.

So to the questions…

Part 1 – Who out of Leicester City and Tottenham do you WANT to win the League?

Of those who expressed a preference (as they say) 83.5% said they WANTED Leicester to win it. I have to say that not one Arsenal fan was interviewed for this, although the fact that ex Claret Kieran Trippier now plays for Spurs may have influenced some of my Burnley friends.

Part 2 – Who did they think WILL win the League?

This was even more emphatic with 92.5% saying that Leicester will go on and be crowned champions come May.

I just hope the 92.5% are right!

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