Date: 10th April 2016 at 10:51am
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3. Consistency is a necessity

Week in, week out; every football fan up and down the country will witness evidence of inconsistency in refereeing decisions. A foul one week may not be given the next. A penalty in one box could be given as a free kick to the opposition later in the match. A red card for one player could go unpunished for another. Just how can the rules be interpreted in so many different ways?

nited :referee Mike Dean holding a can of vanishing spray.Photo: Mark Leech

Referee Mike Dean – Photo: Mark Leech.

Danny Murphy goes as far as to argue that Premier League referees are being forced into ridiculous decisions because they are too scared about being punished by the FA. Perhaps this is true and officials are damaging the game just because they are applying the letter of the law too literally. Does this not just substantiate the need for giving them the help that is on offer?


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