Date: 20th October 2015 at 10:48am
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Brian Clough – Leeds

14/4/1990 Liverpool v Nottingham Forest. Brian Clough gives Burrows the ball back Photo: Mark Leech

Brian Clough gives the ball back.

Recognised as one of the most talented managers in England during the early 1970s, this appointment would go on to shock the whole footballing world.

Whilst at both Derby and Brighton, Brian Clough was a very vocal critic of Leeds United and even went as far as to call them ‘dirty cheats’. So, when he was announced as their manager in 1974, the English football community was left stunned.

However, after failing to build rapport with his players and unable to adjust to life at the club he had so harshly condemned, Clough only lasted 44 days. Perhaps it may have had something to do with reportedly telling the players that they should ‘throw all their medals in the bin because they were not won fairly.’


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